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BIOGRAPHIES are usually for the rich and famous – but now a Huntingdonshire company is helping the man on the street put his life story into print.

BIOGRAPHIES are usually for the rich and famous (as well as being extremely popular with footballers and reality TV stars) – but now a Huntingdonshire company is helping the man on the street put his life story into print.

Warboys-based Biograph bel�ieves everyone has a history worth revealing.

So for a ghost-writing fee it will sit down and interview you about the ups and downs of your life and put together a hardback or paperback covering all the details.

The life of ordinary Huntingdonshire folk may not seem as glamorous or exciting (or as complicated) as those of Cheryl Cole or Russell Brand, but Lucy Gaskell says: “Everyone has got their story to tell.

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“Some people, particularly the older generation, can be quite modest about themselves and need a little persuasion that anybody will be interested in reading about them. However, most people enjoy the experience.”

Ms Gaskell said many families club together to pay anywhere between �1,750 for a single interview and attractively bound book, with 10 photographs, and �5,000 for a longer narrative based on four or five sessions.

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“They all then have the benefit of reading about that person’s life,” she said.

“People can often think when an older generation is passing that they wish they had asked certain questions.

“This can help show grandchildren and great grandchildren what life was like in the 1920s or 30s and the changes that have happened in people’s lives.”

Biograph was started by Mary Corbett after she interviewed people for a local history project.

She said she found people had amazing stories to tell and has put their tales into books ever since.

Ms Gaskell said many people are interested in writing their own life story but added: “I think people find it difficult to do themselves.

“It’s quite a daunting task for lots of people but they are happy to talk to an interviewer about it.”

INFORMATION: Contact Biograph on 01487 824016 or e-mail

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