Huntingdonshire war memorial destroyed by council contractors

A COUNCIL contractor mowing verges near Upwood destroyed poppies that had been left at a Second World War memorial.

Hunts Post reader Darren Harbour took a photograph of the shredded poppies, which were left at the memorial to Bomber Command, which were based at RAF Upwood during the war.

He said: “I noticed that the grass had been cut by a small memorial near my house, close to RAF Upwood. Poppies were laid and have remained in place since November. The council worker has mindlessly mowed over them and decimated all of them. It’s really made me angry.”

A spokesman for Huntingdonshire District Council confirmed that it had cut the verges.

She said: “It is only done three times a year and the grass gets quite long. It’s cut by a tractor with a side arm and the chances are the driver just didn’t see them.”