A volunteer charity celebrated its 10th anniversary this month.

Members and supporters of the Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre gathered in Huntingdon on July 16 for the charity's annual meeting and to celebrate a decade since it was launched.

The centre was formed in 2009 from a merger of Volunteer Bureaux in Huntingdon, Ramsey, St Ives and St Neots which had been supporting volunteering in the district since the 1980s.

During the last decade, the centre has dealt with 6,082 volunteer enquiries and supported 2,224 organisations in the promotion of volunteering.

There are currently more than 150 volunteers who help deliver car scheme services in Huntingdon, Ramsey, St Ives and St Neots. The charity's next initiative is the 'summer family breakfast' scheme so that families, whose children would normally have their main meal at school, can come along to Huntingdon Methodist Church and enjoy breakfast from 9-10am on weekdays, from August 2-September 3.