Huntingdonshire villages join police Speedwatch scheme

Cllr Jill Taverner (left), of Warboys Parish Council, and Cllr Angie Curtis, of Huntingdonshire Dist

Cllr Jill Taverner (left), of Warboys Parish Council, and Cllr Angie Curtis, of Huntingdonshire District Council. - Credit: Archant

The county’s Speedwatch scheme has been expanded to include three more villages in Huntingdonshire.

The scheme now has volunteers in Warboys, Bury and Upwood.

The decision was made at a meeting organised by Councillor Jill Tearney and attended by residents interested in the initiative.

Community Speedwatch allows members of the public to get involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their neighbourhoods.

Brian Robins, Speedwatch coordinator for Cambridgeshire Constabulary, said: “There was tremendous enthusiasm at the meeting and a lot of very good questions from those present.

“I was able cover all the points raised and everyone present is now a fully trained and authorised Speedwatch volunteer. There is clearly a concern about speeding in the villages and a desire to do something about it.

“Speedwatch has a very good track record of tackling antisocial speeding and the effort of our volunteers has resulted in more than 15,000 letters being sent to drivers last year asking them to respect our villages and modify their approach to speed limits.

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Following the meeting Cllr Tavener said: “Together we can reduce speeding and make our village a safer place. As several people showed an interest in Speedwatch but were unable to attend, another workshop will be arranged during April.”

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