Huntingdonshire to get Wood Henge to accompany Louis Smith statue

Derek Massey's Wood Henge

Derek Massey's Wood Henge - Credit: Archant

A sculpture of Olympic medallist Louis Smith will be double the size than the original design ... but will be delayed until a Wood Henge is installed.

Derek Massey has postponted plans to build a 60ft-high figure of the silver and bronze medallist leaping from a pommel horse until he constructs “Wood Henge”, made up of 20-40 bog oaks at the site at Stephen Parsley’s Red House Farm, Woodwalton.

The Ramsey St Mary’s artist is surveying the land this week ahead of constructing the henge, based on Stone Henge in Wiltshire, in time for the summer solstice on June 23.

He said: “The henge will be a meeting place, theatre, and outdoor attraction for tourists and other groups such as druids, walkers and people associated with carbon-free, eco-friendly, or organic principles.”

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