A LEVEL RESULTS: How students across Huntingdonshire fared in 2018

It is results day across Huntingdonshire

It is results day across Huntingdonshire - Credit: Archant

The long wait is over for students across Huntingdonshire as they collect their A Level exam results today (Thursday).

St Ivo School pupils Lauren Gibson (3 As) and Sam Cusworth (3 As).

St Ivo School pupils Lauren Gibson (3 As) and Sam Cusworth (3 As). - Credit: Archant


A quarter of grades were marked A*-A for students at St Ivo School.

More than half of grades were A*-B, up from 46 per cent last year, while 74 per cent of grades were at A*-C, matching last year’s result.

Jack Brett (3 A*s), Milly Bircham (3 As), Minhaj Ahmed (4 A*s) and Sam Edgley (2 A*s and 2 As). Mill

Jack Brett (3 A*s), Milly Bircham (3 As), Minhaj Ahmed (4 A*s) and Sam Edgley (2 A*s and 2 As). Milly has been accepted to the University of Oxford to read Politics, whilst Minhaj will be studying engineering at the University of Cambridge. - Credit: Archant

The school’s overall pass rate was 99 per cent.

Sam Griffin, head teacher, said: “We are delighted to have received another strong set of A Level results, particularly with over half of all grades at A*, A and B, and a quarter of grades at A*A. There have been lots of celebrations this morning with the results enabling the vast majority of our students to progress to the university courses of their choice.”

Individual successes at the school include 12 students with straight A*A grades (or equivalent), with two of these students being awarded straight A* grades. Maths, chemistry and sport students have also performed particularly well, with more than 50 per cent of grades in these subjects at A*A or equivalent.

Students at St Peter's School in Huntingdon open their A level results

Students at St Peter's School in Huntingdon open their A level results - Credit: Archant

Longsands student Mellisa Quail got 6A*'s and is off to University of Cambridge to study mathmatics.

Longsands student Mellisa Quail got 6A*'s and is off to University of Cambridge to study mathmatics. - Credit: Archant

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St Neots Sixth form - Emily Prout 2A*s and an A and is off to UEA and Katie Lockwood, who gained t

St Neots Sixth form - Emily Prout 2A*s and an A and is off to UEA and Katie Lockwood, who gained two merits and a C and is going into full time employment - Credit: Archant

Almost half of all grades (49 per cent) were the highest A*, A or B grades, with more than a quarter being A* or A grades.

It represents an improvement on last year’s results, where 47 per cent achieved A*-B.

The overall pass rate was 97 per cent.

There were particularly strong achievements in a range of subjects, including 40 per cent A* and A grades in maths, 80 per cent A*-B grades in further maths, and 79 per cent Distinction* or Distinction in science. Further successes were achieved in history (83 per cent A*-C), philosophy (86 per cent A*-C) and business studies (76 per cent Distinction*-Distinction).

St Neots sixth form student Kate Clarke with her mum. Kate gained ABB in her results and is now goin

St Neots sixth form student Kate Clarke with her mum. Kate gained ABB in her results and is now going onto to do an accountancy apprenticeship - Credit: Archant

Andy Christoforou, Headteacher of Abbey College, Ramsey, said: “We are very proud of our students’ achievements. Almost half of the results they recorded were the higher A*, A or B grades which is an outstanding success.

“More than 85 per cent of our students are expected to move onto university or a higher level apprenticeship. We wish them all the very best of luck and hope to hear of their continued successes in the coming years.”

Students Daniel McFadyen, Rory Royall, Lydia Boulter-Windibank and Emily Buttriss were among the highest achievers at the sixth form.

Daniel McFadyen achieved A* (maths), A* (further maths) and a B (politics). He also secured a Merit in an advanced extension maths qualification, which is higher than an A Level.

L-R Longsands students Joe Parr who got 4A*s, Melissa Quail who gained 6A*s and Robbie Leigh who got

L-R Longsands students Joe Parr who got 4A*s, Melissa Quail who gained 6A*s and Robbie Leigh who got 4A*. - Credit: Archant

Rory Royall, Abbey College’s head boy, recorded a Distinction* and Distinction (business studies – double award), and a C grade (geography). Rory has been offered a position as a trainee accountant.

Lydia Boulter-Windibank achieved Distinction* (science), Distinction* and Distinction (business studies – double award). Lydia will read business management at Kingston University.

Emily Buttriss secured A (maths), A (sociology) and B (biology).


The overall pass rate remained very high again this year at 99 per cent, with 47 per cent of students achieving the highest A*-B grades – down from 57 per cent last year. More than three quarters of all grades, 79 per cent, were graded at C and above – down from 83 per cent last year.

Notably high performances included Connor Parnell, who achieved A* in physical education, A in mathematics and A in business. Alessio Russo achieved an A* in physical education, A in geography and an A in English language and literature. Eleanor Venn achieved A in chemistry, A in physics, A and an A in mathematics. Head boy Tomas Walters achieved A* in mathematics, A in chemistry and an A in physics. George Lankfer achieved A* mathematics, two A* grades in applied science and a Distinction in IT. Natasha Girardot achieved two A* grades and an A in children’s play, learning and development.

The following subjects achieved outstanding results; applied science (94 per cent A*-B), chemistry (50 per cent A*-B), children’s play, learning and development (67 per cent A*-B), health and social care (88 per cent A*-B), information technology

(88 per cent A*-B), and sociology (100 per cent A*-B).

A spokesman for the school said it was “unfair” to compare results with last year since there had been so many changes to the examination system and the way exams are run which meant post-16 exams were now harder.

Sarah Wilson, principal of Sawtry Village Academy, said: “This excellent set of results reflects the hard-work and dedication of both our students and staff and verifies our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted grade for our post-16 provision. We are incredibly proud of our students, the majority of whom have achieved their first-choice place at university. We wish all our students the very best in the future.”


Kimbolton school excelled in their results once again, with over half of the students opening their results to find they had an A*/A.

15.8% were at A* grade and a further 34.8% at A. Over 80% of the results were A* to B’s, the grades so closely tied to entry to top universities.

22 students gained at least 3A*/As. A further 22 achieved at least 2 A*/As. Out of the 91 students in the year group, 50.5% of those achieved A*-A and 80.2% of them received A*-B.

Gioorgi Keratishvili from Georgia, achieved 3A*s and one A grade, and has qualified for his place at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, to study economics. Phoebe Simpson from Barton Seagrave achieved 3A* and will be heading to heads to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. With an A* and 3A’s Nathanael Warwicker from Rushden will be studying chemistry at Durham while Chris Oakley from Eynesbury, who was awarded 2A*, one ! and a B plans to study Mathematics at Nottingham.

Having each gained 2A*s and an A Fiona Denton will study biomedicine at Newcastle and Pippa Lowe will read accounting and business at Edinburgh and Josh Smith will study economics at Leeds.

Other top performers included James Clements, Izzy Crow, Ella Giles, Amelia Good, Holly Lamb, Lauren Lamb, Freyja McLoughlin, Khanh Nguygen, Jess Staplegyrt, James Wilkins and Henny Woods.

A further 51 students gained at least one A.

Jonathan Belbin, Headmaster said: “These students have been at the vanguard of tackilng the new, more demanding linear courses and have certainly more than met the addition challenge. Their results demonstrate real commitment, ably supported by our stuff, but cannot reflect their countless contributions to wider life of our school, beyond the classroom.”


Hinchingbrooke said their results were a “significant improvement” on last year with 46 per cent of grades at A*-B and A*-A was at 20 per cent with a total pass rate of 98 per cent.

“We wish to congratulate our A level and level 3 students for the excellent results they have achieved this summer. Our students have worked tirelessly and the results reflect their efforts and have enabled them to progress to their university of choice or the next step on their career path. We would like to thank our staff for their hard work and commitment, which has helped to make this possible,” the school said.

It said there were many stories of individual students overcoming challenging situations, including family and personal health issues, to achieve great things this summer. A student with severe disabilities achieved A* and B in maths and further maths and a 15-year-old scored A* and A in physics and chemistry.

In addition, there are a large number of students who have achieved outstanding results across the board:

Adam Steel (A*, A*, A*, A), Harry Runham (A*, A*, A, A), Harshith Chittoor (A*, A, A, A, and A in the Extended Project), James Ireland (A*, A, A, A), Evie Andrew and Chloe Drewery (A*, A, A), Cameron Campbell (A*, A, A, B), George Rendall, whose A, A, A met the criteria for his place at Oxford University, Owen Heaton and Tiri Jamieson-Hickson (A, A, A, A), and Gemma Hartley (Distinction*, Distinction*, B).

The school also congratulated the considerably increased number of students whose high grades enable them to progress to Russell Group or top 30 universities.

Hinchingbrooke said: “We are particularly pleased with the A*-B results in Maths and Science. In Biology and Chemistry 85% of students achieved these top grades. In Further Maths it was 89%, in Physics an equally impressive 68% and 62% of Maths students.

“We send our congratulations to our Year 13s for what they have achieved as a result of their commitment to their studies, and we send our best wishes to each and every one of them.”


Results at St Peter’s said results had continued to improve.

It said: “We are very proud of our Post 16 students who have impressed their teachers with their superb examination outcomes. Our Post 16 results have improved yet again demonstrating that, despite the changes to the qualifications, our students have a superb attitude to their studies. This has led to some particularly outstanding results.”

Full details of the grades have not been released at this stage.

The school said: “Importantly these results allow a significant number of our students to progress onto their chosen next step in their education or to move into employment. Students have now successfully achieved the entry requirements for universities such as Sheffield, Brighton, Leeds, Lincoln, Coventry and Essex, studying a wide variety of degrees from biomedical engineering to English literature to mathematics.

“Subjects in which students achieved A level outcomes which are above the national average include English language, history, computer science, further maths, biology and chemistry. Staff have supported Applied General qualifications allowing students to secure Level 3 Apprenticeships with local employers.”

It added: “These results clearly show the excellent results that our students supported by our staff can achieve. The success of students demonstrates the improvements being made at St Peter’s which are supporting our students to attain higher qualifications, giving them greater opportunities for the rest of their lives.”


St Noets Sixth form student has broken history after gaining 6A*s in her A Level results. Melissa Quail received news today that she would be heading to Trinity College Cambridge to study Mathematics, after receiving 6A*s. The youngster gained grades in Maths, Further maths, additional further maths, chemistry, physics and computer science and is the first student to receive that many A*s in the schools history.

Excellent results were also achieved by Joe Parr, who received 4A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and will be reading Engineering at Leeds University, Robbie Leigh also gained 4A*s in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and will be studying Medicine at Nottingham University.

Adrien Amour got 3A*s in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and a grade A in Further Maths and is off to study Physics at Bristol University, Callie-Anne Glass who gained 3A*s in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and will be reading Chemistry at Nottingham University and Emily Prout who gained 2A*s in Law and Sociology and a grade A in Psychology who will be reading Law at University East Anglia.

The overall pass rate for St Neots sixth form student was 98% with 45% of all grades at A*-B and 74% at A*-C which is an improvement on last year’s grades. A number of subject areas had improved significantly above average outcomes, including Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Government & Politics, PE, Law, Physics, Film Studies, History and Geography.

Strong results were also a feature of Vocational subjects which had a 95% pass rate with 43% of all grades being Distinction*/Distinction, the highest possible grades. Business Studies was a particular highlight with almost 90% of students achieving D*/D. Eleven of the twelve subjects offered achieved a 100% pass rate which included some very pleasing success stories at our learning partners at St Neots Town Football Academy and Stageworks Performing Arts School.

Director of Sixth Form, Mark Taylor, expressed his happiness with the results stating that, “At a time of significant changes in education, the outcomes achieved by the students are a testament to the hard work put in during the course of their studies and the time and support invested by staff and parents/carers. I am delighted by the wide range of subjects which have achieved such positive results for our students which are indicative of the opportunities available to sixth form students in the town.”