Holywell Primary School has gone from satisfactory to outstanding – according to its latest Ofstead report.

Inspectors have given the school a glowing report following a visit on June 6-7, saying pupils' achievement is outstanding.

Lead inspector Joseph Peacock said the successes were a result of outstanding teaching and added that "teachers have high expectations of pupils and plan exciting, interesting tasks to engage and motivate them".

Headteacher Julie Branch, who joined in September 2011, was also praised as were the rest of the staff who "share the drive and enthusiasm of the headteacher to establish an outstanding school".

A survey of parents by Ofsted found they rated the school highly, saying it was "brilliant, absolutely brilliant".

Mrs Branch told The Hunts Post: "We are delighted with the report.

"It has been two years of incredibly hard work to implement different ways of teaching and we are exhausted and looking forward to the summer holidays.

"The impetus of the children is driving this forward.

"It's very exciting to work with children who want to learn.

"Every morning I face a stampede of children who want to get into the school."

Mrs Branch added the task now was to keep the school at the highest level.