Huntingdonshire’s Christmas babies

Parents Carl and Nicole Rand with Imogen and baby.

Parents Carl and Nicole Rand with Imogen and baby. - Credit: Archant

Three Huntingdonshire families were given an extra special Christmas with delivery of their babies.

Colin and Nina Dunn with baby Isabella.

Colin and Nina Dunn with baby Isabella. - Credit: Archant

First born on Christmas Day was Isabella Dunn, who arrived at Hinchingbrooke Hospital at 5.34am, weighing 8lb 6oz.

Mum Nina, 31, and dad Colin, 36, of Gainsborough Avenue, Eaton Ford, said: “We thought she would never be born on Christmas Day as she was due on December 11, but everyone else did so it was a bit of a surprise.

“We went to hospital on Christmas Eve. After two days of labour and the emergency C-section it was just crazy but to hear the sound of the baby crying was amazing.”

Mr Dunn added: “It’s something special to be born on Christmas Day. It’s quite magical as there aren’t many babies born on the day. Although I think Isabella will have to have a ‘second birthday’ at another time in the year!”

Charlie Andrews and Beverley Southern with baby William.

Charlie Andrews and Beverley Southern with baby William. - Credit: Archant

The second Christmas baby came at 10.07am, with the arrival of William Andrews, weighing 7lb 2oz.

Parents Beverley Southern, 23, and Charlie Andrews, 27, of Kent Road, Huntingdon, said: “We’re delighted to have him. Beverley was induced on the Friday before as they thought he had stopped growing. Her waters broke on Christmas Eve and because he hadn’t arrived within the 24 hours, they decided to do a C-section. As we were in hospital for eight days we weren’t really aware that it was Christmas. We will have to come up with another day to celebrate his birthday.”

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Nicole, 29, and Carl Rand, 37, of Ward Close, Houghton, weren’t able to sit down to their Christmas lunch as their baby was on its way. At 5.04pm, a new addition to the family was born, weighing 7lb 1oz.

Mrs Rand said: “We haven’t decided on a name yet, it’s between two. He was due on December 22. I knew he was going to come on Christmas because it’s sod’s law.

“We didn’t get to have our lunch, instead we got a jacket potato at the hospital. However, our family was brilliant and cooked us a Christmas feast on Boxing Day so we still had our Christmas, just a day late.

“Our daughter Imogen was born on 10/11/12, so we have two children with special dates.”