Severe gale-force winds are likely to hit Huntingdonshire tomorrow (Tuesday), the Met Office warns.

Much of the country will be facing the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo which damaged Bermuda, in the North Atlantic, on Friday.

Inland areas are expected to experience gusts exceeding 55mph as well as wet and windy conditions later tonight (Monday).

The Met Office’s chief forecaster said: “The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to travel and possible damage to trees. Difficult driving conditions will result, perhaps exacerbated by surface water and spray in places.

“The remains of Hurricane Gonzalo are running across the Atlantic, reaching the UK on Monday night, bringing a period of strong winds to the UK.

“The strongest winds are expected on Tuesday as the low pressure clears eastwards; some uncertainty remains in peak windspeeds but there remains the potential for disruption to travel, especially as the strongest winds coincide with the morning rush hour in places.

“Fallen leaves impeding drainage increases the risk of surface water affecting roads, while some damage to trees is possible, given that many are still in full leaf.”