New mobile gym coming to Huntingdonshire

Old Hurst man Liam Rushmer is launching a new mobile gym.  

Old Hurst man Liam Rushmer is launching a new mobile gym. - Credit: LIAM RUSHMER

Liam Rushmer, the owner of Fitness Rush based in Old Hurst, has designed a mobile gym to create a mobile, private and quiet environment to work-out in.  

It will serve the local community throughout Huntingdonshire but can extend its reach on a radial basis.  

The mobile facility includes some of the newest equipment on the market and has been specifically designed to fit under the 3.5 tonne vehicle weight limit. 

A mobile gym is coming to Huntingdonshire in just a few weeks

A mobile gym is coming to Huntingdonshire in just a few weeks - Credit: Liam Rushmer

Liam said: “I originally created the idea in 2019 and spent thousands of hours together with Masters Exhibitions carefully designing the perfect facility ensuring individuals can train in a safe and comfortable environment. 

“It will be finished in March and everything in there is top of the range, a treadmill, rower and bike have been installed to help individuals increase their cardiovascular endurance.  

“Alongside multiple pieces of resistance equipment and some unique features, including an all surface pushable sled and a 16-panel touch wall, helping to increase brain function and overall fitness. 

“There is air conditioning within there and heating and adjustable dumbells in there which go up to 32 kg, I designed everything in there.”  

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The mobile gym is aimed at people who don’t like going to big gyms or can't leave their homes due to disability.  

Liam is encouraging businesses with employees to sign up, and said: “We would love to improve their physical and mental health through bespoke personal training directly from our mobile gym van, delivered to your doorstep.  

“It can improve cognitive skills, increase brain function, boost output and bring your work force together.”  

If you would like to find out more about the gym and the pricing structure, there is more information on the website. 

To find out more visit: 

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