Huntingdonshire man’s vision to commemorate start of World War One goes global

Rememberance Poppies to be planted for 100 year Anniversary, (l-r) Stan Kaye and Addison Arms landlo

Rememberance Poppies to be planted for 100 year Anniversary, (l-r) Stan Kaye and Addison Arms landlord Mick Soulsby - Credit: Archant

A HUNTINGDONSHIRE man’s vision to mark the start of World War One has reached the other side of the globe.

Stan Kaye, of Holme Wood, Holme, started a Facebook group to urge people to plant poppies that would bloom next spring in time to commemorate soldiers who fought on the battlefields.

Within weeks the group has around 400 members. Word has spread as far as Thailand and Australia, where a member of the steering committee for ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) centenary has promised to take the idea further.

Mr Kaye, 60, told The Hunts Post: “I have developed the idea I found elsewhere and put it on Facebook and it has gone viral.

“What would be good is for people, businesses and schools to plant poppies this year so they will bloom next year.

“It would be great to see everyone planting poppies to remember those who fought – seeing poppies everywhere would be a fitting tribute. If it wasn’t for their sacrifice, we wouldn’t be here today.”

He added: “It’s not like we are going to be here for the 200th anniversary and many won’t be around for the 100th anniversary of World War Two.”

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Mr Kaye, whose partner’s great-great uncles, both aged 21, died at the Somme, is also visiting schools and businesses to get support for poppy planting in Huntingdonshire.

He added that the Facebook group has also sparked lots of memories for the people who have joined.

“It’s amazing, as a lot of people have memories,” he said. “One woman went up into her loft to find her grandfather’s uniform, a lighter made from a bullet and a gas mask.

“She posted pictures on the group so the site is being used for sharing memories as well.”

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