Huntingdonshire Good Samaritan relives moment he pulled woman out from pond

THE teenage Good Samaritan who saved a woman from drowning in a village pond has said he would do it again ... despite the dangers.

The Hunts Post reported that an unknown teenager had helped a woman from the water in Warboys.

The teen in question was 15-year-old Cameron Shakespeare, of Pathfinder Way, Warboys, who said he had been on his way to his friend’s house in High Street, Warboys, at 10pm on August 29, when he heard screaming coming from the pond in Mill Green.

“I just thought it was a couple of people messing about and went to have a look. Then we saw the woman in the water and a man lying down next to her holding her arm,” Cameron said. “She was completely covered by water.

“I asked the man if he needed help – he said he did so I just pulled her arm and pulled her out.

“She shouted a lot of abuse and struggled against my help. She must have got in herself as she wanted to be in the water.”

The Ramsey Abbey College student said: “I would do it again despite knowing it was dangerous as she could have pulled me in.”

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His father Bill said: “I was about to tell him off for breaking his curfew when he came in, and I asked him what he had been doing.

“He told me what had happened and I was just proud of him.

“It’s extremely dangerous in the pond as you can’t see how deep it is in places and there are reeds you can get tangled in. There is a lifebuoy beside the pond, which shows how dangerous it is.”