Huntingdonshire girl needs your help to walk again

Molly Moore, from Offord, Fundraising for her physiotherapy, with mum Katie Moore

Molly Moore, from Offord, Fundraising for her physiotherapy, with mum Katie Moore - Credit: Archant

A YOUNG girl who had suffered two strokes by the age of six needs your help to get back on her feet.

Molly Moore, of Opeford Close, Offord Cluny, celebrated her 10th birthday last Friday, but has spent the past four years re-learning how to speak, walk and complete tasks that were second nature to her before she suffered a stroke in 2009.

She is currently dependent on a wheelchair, but doctors and physiotherapists have said that there is no reason why she should not be able to walk, she just needs to learn.

In January Molly spent three weeks at the Footsteps Centre in Oxford, which offers specialist intensive rehabilitation for children and young adults.

As a result of her time at the centre Molly, who could not walk unaided previously, was able to walk 19 steps and her parents have booked her in for two more courses later this year.

But each three-week course costs £2,150 and while money raised from previous fundraisers paid for Molly’s first visit to the centre, the family needs more if she is to walk again.

Molly’s mum Katie helps her with what would be simple tasks for most 10-year-olds and wants her daughter to be able to have some independence.

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Mrs Moore said: “She has always been a very happy and determined little girl so she has the best personality to deal with this. We try to help her as much as we can but at the end of the day she is the person who has to do it.

“There are children at the centre who were told they would never walk and are now running around and that’s what we want for Molly.”

In an attempt to raise some of the money needed, Mrs Moore has entered Molly into the Direct Debit Big Break initiative. Molly is one of 100 charitable causes that have a chance of winning £2,000 at the end of the month.

However, Molly is currently sitting at around 30th on the list and needs many more votes if she is to win the money that could go a long way towards helping her learn to walk again.

Mrs Moore said: “What we want is for Molly to be more independent so that she can go where she wants, even from one room to another. At the moment she can’t do much on her own, she can’t sit on her own and read a book because she can’t turn the pages.”

INFORMATION: It’s completely free to vote for Molly online, go to or donate at