Huntingdonshire District Council election results

Ballot box

Ballot box - Credit: Archant

All the reaction as the results of the Huntingdonshire District Council elections are announced

Counting taking place at the Burgess Hall, in St Ives.

Counting taking place at the Burgess Hall, in St Ives. - Credit: Archant

St Neots Eynesbury (two elected)

Jim Corley (Ind) 687

Dr Nick Johnson (Lab) 404

Tony McNeill (Lab) 328

Robert Moores (Con) 525

Simone Taylor (Ind) 929

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Adrian Usher (Cons) 528

Rejected: 9

Cllr Corley said: “I am very pleased people have seen fit to vote me in at district. I haven’t been a district councillor before - it will be taking it to another level. I think this is something that is needed in my mind as it will serve as a connection representing the town and the town needs.

“It will provide a level of confidence and a great deal of use as it will mean that I will be able to understand the procedure to bring more to the town.”

Cllr Taylor said: “I am really excited about taking up the position but it will be quite daunting as I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure there will be a lot of people to me on my way. The thing I want to concentrate on is our roads in Eynesbury as they are falling apart.

St Ives West

Richard Allen (Labour) 137

Ryan Fuller (Con) 437

David Hodge (Lib Dem) 177

Margaret King (UKIP) 178

Total Votes: 929

Rejected: 7

Cllr Fuller said: “It’s a fantastic result and I am really pleased that after four years and working hard for my area they have decided to re-elect me. There always panning matters I am assisting and helping with. Clearly the residents have confidence in me to carry on representing them.”

Cambridgeshire County Council

St Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury

James Corley (Ind) 479

Dr Nick Johnson (Lab) 625

Simone Taylor (Ind) 1,114

Karl Wainwright (Cons) 1,024

Rejected: 34

Cllr Taylor said: “I am hoping by being on town, district and county council that these three can work together and I can understand how all three levels work to get the best for Eynesbury.

“At this level I want to carry on the work that Steve Van De Kerkhove started on help young people in Eynesbury.”


Nicholas Ashley (UKIP) 333

Nikki Elliott (Con) 435

Jonathan Orchard (Lab) 137

Dick Tuplin* (Ind) 802

Total Votes: 1,707

Rejected: 8

Cllr Tuplin said: “It’s a relief to still have the support of the majority of people in Sawtry. Today it was pleasant talking to the other candidates that were there but I think it my local connection and that I have been in the village for a long time that has helped me secure the seat again.”


Steve Criswell* (Cons) 1,113

Iain Ramsbottom (Lab) 235

Shirley Reeve (UKIP) 244

Total Votes: 1,592

Rejected: 9

Cllr Criswell said: “I am very pleased to have been relected. It is a great opportunity to thank residents for their continued support. Throughout the next two years I will be working closely with parish councils and residents to support the current financial situation that we are in to make sure that we provide safer reliant provision for those that need it.”

Huntingdon East

Tom Fletcher (Cons) 610

Marion Kadewere (Lab) 294

Mike Shellens* (Lib Dem) 1,208

Jane Varghese (UKIP) 375

Total Votes: 2,487

Rejected: 9

Cllr Shellens said: “I’m satisfied that I have got in once again. Last time I got in by 30 places and this time it was something like over 500 votes. This is because I have been in the council for 12 years and I have high voter reception because of the work I do between each election.

“Over the next two years I will carry on providing case work support for people in Huntingdon. We [Liberal Democrats] thought we would end up with six seats and that is what we got so we are extremely pleased.”

St Neots Eaton Socon

Derek Giles* (Ind) 783

Patricia Nicholls (Lab) 150

Keith Prentice (Cons) 351

Total Votes: 1,284

Rejected: 8

Cllr Giles said: “People can always know where I am and can come to me with their issues. I want to empower people in the area. Getting people involved in the community and engaging with them.”


Alison Donaldson (Con) 960

Philip Foster (UKIP) 312

Robert Leach (Lab) 236

David Priestman (Lib Dem) 356

Total Votes: 1,864

Rejected: 10

Councillor Donaldson said: “I am very proud and delighted that everybody voted for me. I’m slightly overwhelmed; it’s all new to me so it’s a new process to get used to. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into it. I love the area and want to keep it as it is and want to listen to people and do what I can to help.”


Ian Curtis (Con) 940

Lisa Ann Duffy (UKIP) 1,099

Kevin Minette (Lab) 273

Total Votes: 2,312

Rejected: 12

Cllr Duffy said: “I am really pleased, over the moon to be honest and extremely grateful to everyone who came out and voted for me. It’s a privilege being a councillor and it’s just overwhelming when people put their faith in you.

Ill be carrying on working with local residents and find out what their needs are.”

Little Paxton

James Bartrick (Lib Dem) 231

Nicholas Kambula (Lab) 51

Daniel Morris (UKIP) 131

Laurence Swain (Con) 361

Liz Timms (Green) 140

Total Votes: 934

Rejected: 1

Warboys and Bury

Kevin Goddard (Lab) 165

Tony Hulme (Lib Dem) 237

Mick Mean (UKIP) 402

Jill Tavener (Con) 821

Total Votes: 1,625

Rejected: 9

Cllr Tavener said: “It’s brilliant. My passions are the environment and reducing speeding through all three villages. It’s been such an exciting day.

“There is very little in Warboys for the youths. By interacting with them, it will reduce the anti-social behaviour and allow them to be accountable for what they would like.”

Huntingdon North

Peter Ashcroft (UKIP) 234

Patrick Kadewere* (Lab) 433

Alan Mackender-Lawrence (Ind) 115

Ricards Valatka (Cons) 171

Lakkana Yalagala (Lib Dem) 48

Total Votes: 1,001

Rejected: 9

Cllr Kadewere said: “I feel very pleased that I can carry on with the work I was going. I will make sure I do whatever it takes to help my community.

“My campaign team and manger Rob Leach and my door stoppers were excellent as they spoke to everybody.”

Yaxley and Farcet

Colin Moody (UKIP) 568

Graeme Watkins (Labour) 533

Desmond Watt (Cons) 1,130

Total Votes: 2,251

Rejected: 6

Eaton Ford

Bob Farrer (Ind) 344

Sandie Giles (Ind) 814

Anna Hayward (Lab) 104

Melina LaFirenze (Green) 56

Graham Welton (Con) 489

Total Votes: 1,767

Rejected: 8

Cllr Giles: “It is my time to do something for me and the community as my grandchildren are all now in school. One thing I will not stand for is being people rude to each other in the chamber.”

St Ives South

Lynne Bullen (UKIP) 342

John Davies (Con) 1,141

Lord Toby Jug (Ecc) 89

John Watson (Lab) 504

Total Votes: 2,077

Rejected: 21

Cllr Davies: “When people are not happy with the government, it’s local government that suffers for it. Some people had concerns about David Cameron’s leaflet which cost about £9million and I thought people might vote UKIP.”

St Ives East

Jason Ablewhite (Con) 675

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 398

Angela Richards (Lab) 308,

Colin Saundeson (Lib Dem) 150.

Total Votes: 1,531

Rejected: 21

Cllr Ablewhite said: “I’m ecstatic. My majority is up, which is a real testament to my hard work over the last four years.

“I will be stepping down as leader but I will be a backbench local member and I will still be working with our community.”


Rob Gardiner (Lab) 160

John Morris* (Lib Dem) 1031

Lin Sinclair (Cons) 643

Total votes: 1834

Rejected: 19

Cllr Morris said: “We [Liberal Democrats] work all year round to serve the people of Brampton so it is a real honour and pleasure to be relected and the work that we do has been reflected in this result. We work as a great team in the area and I think people appreciate that I and my fellow councillors are here for them.”


Keith Stukins (Cons) 411

Samuel Sweek (Lab) 253

David Underwood (Lib Dem) 1,055

Total Votes: 1,719

Rejected: 16

Cllr Underwood said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been elected. It has been a lot of hard work and the result of constant work because we work all year round. I think it is a vote for Godmanchester and a positive vote. I had a great team behind me throughout this.

“There will be many differences between the town council and the district council but I will be staying on on the town council but I think the both will work well together. For me it will now be about working with the people to deal with the ordinary everyday issues and being there for the residents.”