Plan for future of housing and infrastructure in Huntingdonshire backed by councillors

HEADQUARTERS: Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House

HEADQUARTERS: Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House - Credit: Archant

The future of housing and infrastructure growth in Huntingdonshire has been formalised with the long-awaited adoption of the local plan.

Government inspectors gave Huntingdonshire District Council the green light to adopt the local plan at the end of April and, at a full council meeting on May 15, councillors voted to back the plan.

The document provides a framework for new homes, community facilities and infrastructure for the next 17 years.

Formal adoption of the plan followed a period of consultation, public hearings, and consultation on the modifications proposed by the Planning Inspectorate.

The plan also specifically identifies areas of land for development to deliver the homes, jobs and services needed in the district, and includes policies against which all planning applications are considered.

Councillor for housing, planning and economic development, Councillor Ryan Fuller said: "The district council's local plan to 2036 affects everyone living and working in Huntingdonshire. It is effectively the blueprint needed to plan for the future of our district, providing our community of residents and businesses with the degree of certainty they need, and confidence in those responsible for overseeing this future development."

Cllr Fuller added: "Our new local plan brings together a shared vision for Huntingdonshire. It is a bold and ambitious plan which details how we are going to deliver homes and jobs for the residents of Huntingdonshire, and of course the necessary infrastructure to support them."

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The Planning Inspectorate's report noted that the district council's plan had been positively prepared, and is justified, effective, and consistent with national policy in relation to the approach towards building a strong, competitive economy.

The inspectorate confirmed that the plan provides for: 'an adequate supply and range of employment land', 'a significant level of flexibility to meet the needs of a growing economy' and 'a positive and effective approach to business development'.

The leader of the district council, Councillor Graham Bull said: "A strong community is one that is both mixed and integrated, where people feel they can influence decision making and where people have a sense of pride in their community. This involves places where people want to live, work and enjoy themselves, and where their needs are met.

"Empowering people to be actively engaged in their communities helps to strengthen community spirit, contributes to a good quality of life, and can reduce disadvantage and promote personal well-being. Strengthening communities is at the core of the Council's new local plan, and I am confident that we can use this plan to achieve the right outcomes for residents and businesses alike."