The group have held many events over the years for people in and around Huntingdon.

The Huntingdonshire Community Group are celebrating 10 years of partnership with Huntingdon Freemen's Trust.

Since 2010 Huntingdon Freemen's Trust have been funding and supporting the group and its events, especially the hugely popular Unity In The Community.

This is an annual event to bring together the different ethnic minority communities in Huntingdon, to help them integrate into the wider community

Huntingdon Freemen's Trust have helped many of the groups younger members by providing grants towards university accommodation, funding provided to the group has also helped members gain new skills such as English and IT which has helped them to secure employment.

Group founder Cllr Patrick Kadewere said: "Our whole team would like to sincerely thank Huntingdon Freemen's trust for all the support they have given us in the last 10 years, which has allowed us to help so many members of the community. Your funding has gone a long way, made a huge difference to the community and helped us to continue our work for the community for the past 10 years and hopefully the next 10 years and beyond"