Huntingdonshire animal charity hopes to recruit ‘moggy midwives’

Helen Foster-Henson with kittens.

Helen Foster-Henson with kittens. - Credit: Archant

An animal charity is looking to recruit a band of ‘moggy midwives’ to help care for an expected influx of kittens and pregnant females over the next few weeks.

Moggie midwife Helen Foster-Henson and her son Ben with some kittens.

Moggie midwife Helen Foster-Henson and her son Ben with some kittens. - Credit: Archant

With kitten season just around the corner, Wood Green Animal Charity in Godmanchester is appealing for feline foster carers to come forward and offer a temporary home to cats who have just had kittens or who are about to give birth.

“This is the time of year when we start seeing cats which are very obviously pregnant and have been surrendered because an owner knows they can’t cope,” said Genevieve Samson, fostering development officer at Wood Green.

“Our priority is to ensure the best environment possible for a cat. A home with a sociable family or just a caring individual is a great way for them to go through this key time and get lots of attention.”

The charity provides bedding, boxes, toys, feed and litter for the cat and her kittens, as well as covering all medical requirements.

Thomas Foster-Henson with a kitten.

Thomas Foster-Henson with a kitten. - Credit: Archant

Helen Foster-Henson, of Farm Close, Upwood, and her family became Moggy Midwives four years ago and have adopted a number of pets from the charity.

“After an initial enquiry and then a visit by the charity, we were cleared to become midwives and very soon afterwards were asked to take in a mum cat and her one-week-old kittens,” said Helen.

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“The mother was actually very nervous so it helped her great deal to be in a home where we could really nurture her and gently increase her confidence.

“That first placement lasted about eight weeks and I have to say that myself, my son and my husband cried our eyes out when they went back, but that feeling does get less over time – particularly if you’re straight on to caring for another litter.”

INFORMATION: If you are interested in becoming a Moggy Midwife, contact Genevieve and her team on 0844 2488181 or visit