Huntingdonshire actor Warwick Davis launches iPhone app

HUNTINGDONSHIRE actor Warwick Davis is swapping the big screen for the touch screen with the launch of a new iPhone game.

The Harry Potter and Star Wars actor, who has two films due for release next year, is now taking a leading role in the gaming industry with Pocket Warwick, a game which combines elements of Tamagotchi with the Sims and is free to download. Throughout the game players must send the actor on tasks, such as film auditions and personal appearances, in a bid to launch him from a Z-list to an A-list celebrity.

For each successful audition and role he completes Warwick is rewarded with coins, and films that do well at the box office pay royalties.

The more successful he is, the bigger a star he becomes, moving him towards his dream of A-list status.

These coins and royalties can then used to buy items in-game, allowing players to improve Warwick’s living environment as well as buy items for future auditions.

There are more than 150 film auditions and around 100 other tasks, and with sharp, colourful graphics it is guaranteed to entertain.

INFORMATION: Pocket Warwick is available to download free from the iTunes store.