Wellbeing coach shares her advice about mental health in lockdown

Suzi Topaz Health

Suzi Gibbs-Chalmers, wellbeing coach, shares her mental health focus with The Hunts Post. - Credit: Topaz Health

“I am a great believer that we all have mental health issues but no one needs fixing - we just need to sometimes take a look at our life experiences.”  

These are the words of wellbeing coach Suzi Gibbs-Chalmers, from Brampton, who is supporting The Hunts Post's We Need To Talk focus on mental health. 

Suzi, who runs Topaz Health Training, is set to launch a new coaching room in Huntingdon once restrictions ease. 

She has more than 20 years’ experience in health and fitness; having worked alongside Huntingdonshire District Council and the NHS. 

“I really got interested in how emotions and feelings lead behaviours and have an impact on mental health,” she explained. 

“You can have had a fantastic upbringing but inherited a value that could be holding you back from moving forwards in life. 

“I am a great believer that we all have mental health issues but no one needs fixing; we just need to sometimes take a look at our life experiences.” 

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Suzi, who has tutored for leading fitness industry trainers, offers tailored sessions to her clients who may be struggling with their mental health. 

Her calming approach lets people explore the best ways to cope if they are finding certain situations difficult, but also the importance of improving their physical health too. 

“There is so much research on how physical symptoms we experience can be caused by mental health,” Suzi said. 

“For example, if we’re experiencing a lack of sleep then the body cannot heal or recover the way it should. 

“Meditation is a great way to bring awareness to what we may be feeling. 

“If you sit in silence and breathe deeply it’s amazing how that can be really calming, so then when you have a challenge to face that can really improve how you handle it. 

“I think that people are aware that they need to get regular exercise and take time to rest but they just find it difficult to actually do certain things as something may be holding them back. 

“They know that they need to change but they are just struggling with it.” 

Topaz Health provides a safe space to help people overcome challenges and limiting beliefs to achieve their full potential. 

Suzi also volunteers for the CALM Town initiatives in St Ives helping to reduce depression and loneliness within the community. 

While Suzi hasn’t been able to officially open the Topaz Health office in Huntingdon yet, she has still been able to support people struggling in lockdown and even set up a help group for women during menopause. 

Suzi has continued has also continued to provide her clinical case work for the NHS and pick up shifts for the ambulance service. 

“Everyone is managing the best that they can right now,” she said. 

“But it can be hard when you have no control over the situation. All age groups have been impacted in different ways. 

“It’s been heartbreaking for people not to be with loved ones, especially if they have lost someone.” 

Her tips to help people feel well during the coming weeks include get a daily dose of nature and keeping connected with friends. 

“I advise people to take a moment to think about the things that they can do while we’re in this situation,” Suzi added. 

“So that may be writing a ‘happy list’ of the things that make you feel better and then trying to do one of these things every day. 

“It could be doing something like calling a friend and having a laugh.  

“I also encourage people to write down their thoughts by journaling as a way of expressing how you feel. 

“Belly breathing is great as this helps increase calm and make sure to get outside and move too - wrap up warm and just have a 10-minute walk.” 

To get in touch with Suzi and learn more about Topaz Health phone 01480456333 or 07974095011 or visit the website at www.topazhealth.co.uk or email info@topazhealth.co.uk.

Contact The Samaritans on: 116123 or Mind: on 0300 123 3393 or email info@mind.org.uk. If you would rather send a text message, the number is: 86463. For urgent help: Call: 111 and you need option 2.