Covid-19 response team dig deep to help clear resident’s garden

Huntingdonshire District Councillor Patrick Kadewere PICTURE: P

Huntingdonshire District Councillor Patrick Kadewere PICTURE: Patrick Kadewere - Credit: Patrick Kadewere

Councillor Patrick Kadewere proud of volunteers who gave Huntingdon garden a make-over.

The Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid 19 response team have been hard at work clearing an outdoor space in a resident’s garden, in order for their child to have somewhere to play.

The community response team has said it has received a great deal of referrals and when this referral came through from Huntingdonshire District Council, volunteers were happy to help create an outdoor space for the resident’s child to play in, whilst they are isolating at home.

Group founder, Councillor Patrick Kadewere said: “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council and Hunts Forum in response to this crisis, in a situation unknown in our lifetimes.

“Everyone is doing a tremendous job under immense pressure and critical timing to make sure all local residents have the support they need.

“Our sincere thanks go to Flt Lt Chris Hastings, Alice Edwards, Emma Crowley and Sarah Stammler for all their hard work”.

Enquiries and referrals can be made at: