Lockdown rules prevented twins from attending fire service parade so they set up their own

Twins Henry and Archer, sons of a Firefighter from Huntingdon PICTURE: Cambridgeshire Fire and Resc

Twins Henry and Archer, sons of a Firefighter from Huntingdon PICTURE: Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service - Credit: Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service

The twins could not attend Memorial Day with their fire-fighter dad so they created their own.

Four-year-old twins organised a mini ‘firefighters’ memorial day in their garden after lock-down rules meant they couldn’t attend an official event.

Twins Henry and Archer missed out joining their fire-fighter dad Rob Austin at Huntingdon Fire Station on Monday for the Fire-fighters’ Memorial Day parade, so they created one in their back garden instead.

In previous years the twins would usually attend the Memorial Day with their dad, but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic that was not possible.

They didn’t want to miss out and dressed up in firefighter uniforms and helmets.

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Fire-fighter Rob Austin, from Huntingdon Green Watch is so proud of them and said: “Before going to work that morning I explained that today was a special day for fire-fighters and that we celebrate and remember firefighters everywhere who always act and have acted bravely to save others.

“Whilst I was at work Henry and Archer had decided that they would both like to do the same and set up the garden to replicate the fire station and fire engines.

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“I’m so fortunate that both of them are as enthusiastic about the job as I am, they spend all day every day playing out rescues and spend time down the station with me but to see them dressed up and wanting to honour and remember all firefighters past and present was amazing.

“In previous years Henry and Archer have come to the station and carried out the parade with us but with the current situation this was not possible.”

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