Huntingdon Town Mayor opens new Wood Green Animal Charity shop

Huntingdon Town Mayor Karl Webb has opened the new charity shop. 

Huntingdon Town Mayor Karl Webb cut the ribbon to open the new Wood Green charity shop. Left to right: Volunteers Jenny Clark, Holley Eavis-Carr, Adriana Chan, Matthew Clifford-Greening and Alan Lockey, Councillor Webb. - Credit: Archant

The Huntingdon Town Mayor has opened the new Wood Green Animal charity shop on Huntingdon High Street. 

Today, October 29, Karl Webb, the Huntingdon Town Mayor has opened the new Wood Green charity shop for customers to enjoy.  

The shop has a wealth of clothes, shoes and videos on offer to buy and all proceeds will go to the charity. 

Councillor Webb was delighted to welcome shoppers into the store.  

Clothes within Wood Green the shop. 

Clothes within Wood Green the shop. - Credit: Archant

Councillor Webb said: “I generally believe that you have to be supportive, certainly to our animal welfare organisations. 

“I love charity shop and shop in them myself, but a charity shop that is to do with animal welfare, is even better.  

“It is all about raising funds and it is great to see another independent shop on the High Street, because at the end of the day our high street shops have suffered after Covid-19.  

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"I know we have a lot of charity shops on the High Street but it is all about supporting the community."

A wealth of DVDs on display 

A wealth of DVDs on display - Credit: Archant

Wood Green Animal Charity is a long-standing organisation that rescues abandoned pets and animals.  

The Godmanchester Wood Green Animal shelter is one of the largest in Europe and can accommodate up to 72 dogs, 123 cats and over 200 small animals.  

Clive Byles, Chief Executive of Wood Green Animal Shelter charity said: “We have always wanted to be in Huntingdon, we feel that this is our local town.  

“We have always wanted to have a presence on Huntingdon High Street and not just from a sales perspective, but as a presence of who we are as a charity."  

Beautiful dresses on display within the shop 

Beautiful dresses on display within the shop - Credit: Archant

“We rely on our community to support us and feel it great that we are just down the road.  

“Let’s hope it is going to be really successful. 

“It took us quite a lot of time to get this shop in the right place and it has taken a few months for us to get the shop up and running."

Chief Executive Clive Byles of Wood Green Animal Shelter. 

Chief Executive Clive Byles of Wood Green Animal Shelter. - Credit: Archant

When quizzed on what he thinks will sell the most in the shop, Clive said: "It depends on the shop and the location, we find each of our 21 shops has got different kinds of shoppers. 

"This shop sells a brilliant amount of merchandise and we are really keen to see what sells the most in this shop."