Huntingdon Town Hall project suffers another blow as manager quits

THE man hired to oversee the redevelopment of Huntingdon Town Hall has quit less than three months into the job.

A Huntingdon Town Council source confirmed David Langford had handed in his resignation and would be leaving the post on August 26. He was recruited in June for the �40,000-a-year role.

It means the �750,000 project is once again without a figure at the helm. Former town councillor Brian Luckham was forced to give up his voluntary role as project manager earlier this year because of fears of a conflict of interest.

There was anger at a town council recess meeting on Thursday that news of Mr Langford’s departure had been disclosed to the press ahead of councillors.

Speculation by town clerk Karen Cameron that the council would move its office from Hartford Road, into the town hall at the end of March were also described as ‘over optimistic’.

Attempts were made to gag debate on the issue as mayor Alan Mackender-Lawrence, who was chairing the meeting, said only items which featured on the agenda should be discussed.

However Cllr Nigel Pauley argued the council needed to be transparent: “We have to discuss this item whether here or elsewhere. It is not a big secret, it is money that has come from the public funds. It is quite significant that someone has left. We are just trying to get to the bottom of this project.”

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A proposal was made to hold an extra-ordinary meeting of the town hall project management board.