Huntingdon town councillor resigns for personal reasons


Huntingdon - Credit: Archant

A VACANCY has opened up at Huntingdon Town Council following the resignation of a Huntingdon West councillor.

Andrew Bish, who was elected in May 2011 and is a former chairman of the council’s finance committee, stepped down at a meeting last Thursday (September 5) for personal reasons.

The town council published a notice of the vacancy today (September 9) which gives the electorate until September 23 to request that an election be held by Huntingdonshire District Council to fill the position.

If at least 10 people do not request an election the council will choose its own replacement.

Councillor Bill Hensley, mayor of Huntingdon, said that Mr Bish had been a valuable asset to the town council and would be difficult to replace.

Cllr Hensley said: “He was a fabulous and very able councillor with a lot of HR knowledge. He was a calming influence in meetings and he will certainly be missed.

“He didn’t feel he had time to do the position justice with his work and family commitments.”