Huntingdon Tesco forced to clear glass mountain after council removes bottle bank

NINETY nine bottles of beer on the floor, ninety-nine bottles of beer. If you take any more to the bottle bank, it will cause a cleaning up chore.

Tesco was left to clear hundreds of bottles left in trolleys on the site where a bottle bank once stood in the recycling centre in the Huntingdon store’s car park.

The bank for recycling bottles was removed by Waste Recycling Group (WRG) after the lease expired with Huntingdonshire District Council.

And the resulting gap was filled by supermarket trolleys full of glass containers even though glass is now collected fortnightly by the council.

An HDC spokesman said: “When we started to collect glass from bins directly, we didn’t feel there was a need for a glass recycling bank, so we decided not to renew the contract.

“It is now up to Tesco to remove the bottles as it’s on their land.”

Last week, Tesco removed the bottles and in their place put up a sign saying: “Please do not dispose of any bottles in this area. We advise you to take them to your local refuse centre. The bottle bank has been removed by the local council.”