A group of people with special needs made their dreams a reality by setting up their own cafe – and now it has reached its third anniversary.

About 60 people went along to Huntingdon Youth Centre on February 4 to celebrate at the Dreamers Bar.

The group, which meets every Tuesday morning at the centre, was set up by eight people with special needs as a place to socialise and have fun.

Members run the event on a week-by-week basis, taking care of tasks including shopping and cooking tasty treats to share. Between 20 and 45 teenagers and adults regularly meet there and get involved in activities including karaoke and pool.

They got the project off the ground with the help of charity Voiceability, choosing everything from the colour scheme to the name of the cafe.

Lydia Eldridge, project coordinator, said: "We started this project in Huntingdon three years ago not knowing where it was going to go.

"We needed somewhere where they could meet up and share things. We had such a jolly time celebrating our third birthday which we never thought we would achieve, never knowing if we will continue to have funding."