Inspectors call for improvements but say progress has been made

Cromwell Academy in Huntingdon.

Cromwell Academy in Huntingdon. - Credit: Archant

A school in Huntingdon has been rated ‘requires improvement’ by education watchdog Ofsted following an inspection, but has been praised for “significant improvements” since its last visit.

The report, carried out at Cromwell Academy in September, identified a need for "good quality education" but praised the current head teacher, Hannah Connor-James, and staff for the "significant improvements made over the last year".

The report stated: "In reading and mathematics, teachers generally plan well for what they want the pupil's to learn. In other subjects teacher's plans do not build on what pupils have learned previously. Pupil's learning is a bit haphazard. Too often, planning sets out the topics to cover in different subjects, without enough precision about what pupils need to do now or do better."

Two inspectors spent two full days in the school meeting with staff, pupils and governors and speaking to parents.

The report said: "Pupils at Cromwell Academy arrive at school happy and ready to learn. This includes children new to reception, who adjust quickly to routines. Pupils are polite and show respect to adults and each other. They take pride in their appearance and in their school work.

"Pupils learn in a safe, welcoming environment with plenty of quality equipment to help them learn. Pupils take care of their school and the equipment and keep classrooms tidy."

The school was graded as 'good' for behaviour and attitudes, personal development and leadership and management.

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It was rated "requires improvements" for the quality of education, early years provision and the overall effectiveness.

Ms Connor-James, who has been in the role since September 2018, said: "The report has highlighted so many of the great elements of the school: the fact that pupils feel safe, they enjoy school and value their learning; and that the parents agreed with this. "The team stressed how impressive the pupils are and that they are rightly proud of their school,"

Chairman of governors, Richard Laing said: "I am delighted that the improvements brought about by the new head teacher and the staff have been recognised. I feel the school is in an excellent position and fully expect the foundation curriculum to be in place, as the new framework demands very quickly this year."