Huntingdon Covid-19 response team visit Glebe Farm

The Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid-19 Response Team visited Glebe Farm

The Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid-19 Response Team visited Glebe Farm - Credit: Covid-19 Response Team

The Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid-19 Response Team visited Glebe Farm and have received a very generous donation of vegan friendly, gluten-free oat milk.

The group’s founder, Cllr Patrick Kadewere said: “It was a pleasure to be invited to Glebe Farm this week and to be given a tour of their site and talk to the owners about the incredible work they are doing as the UK’s only gluten-free farm. 

"Glebe Farm owners Rebecca and Philip Rayner donated three pallets of oat milk to add to our food parcels, which we can distribute in the community and pass on to local schools”  

Paul Mitcheson, from Glebe Farm, said: “Glebe Farm is an independent, arable farm in King's Ripton near Huntingdon, which has been owned by the Rayner family for more than 50 years.  

“Rebecca and her brother Philip run the farm which is the only one in the UK growing and processing pure gluten free oats into porridge flakes, oat flour and oat milk.  

“Glebe Farm Foods is now the premier supplier of gluten free oats in Europe and supplies the raw ingredients for dozens of household brands.  

“In 2020 it completed work on the UK’s first oat milk production facility, enabling Glebe Farm to make oat drink from its own pure British oats right here in Cambridgeshire.  

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“Sales of the oat drink have grown steadily since despite the challenging business conditions and in 2021 Glebe Farm is looking to expand its range and presence in retail.”  

Philip Rayner, founder and MD of Glebe Farm Foods said: “We are delighted to donate our oat milk through the Huntingdonshire Community Group’s Covid-19 Response Team to support schools and the wider community.  

"Glebe Farm is an independent business and all the family and our staff are passionately committed to the wellbeing of the area.  

"We’ve seen the pandemic create hardship for many people and we’re really happy to contribute in this way.  

Restrictions are set to ease over the coming months so we’re hopeful for everyone’s prospects improving over the year ahead.”  

Please contact if you would like to receive some Oat Milk from this donation. 

For more information on Glebe Farm Foods please contact Paul Mitcheson on 01487 773282