A recreation of the Mayflower which carried the Pilgrim Fathers to America is the latest spectacular display to be built at Mill Common by Huntingdon Town Council.

Huntingdon Town Council has recreated The Mayflower on Mill CommonHuntingdon Town Council has recreated The Mayflower on Mill Common

The display marks the 400th anniversary of the ship sailing to create the first European colony in New England, with many of the passengers seeking a new life with religious tolerance.

They included John Howland, from Fenstanton, who survived the trip despite falling off the ship half way across the Atlantic.

It is the latest in a line of models, built from recycled material by Huntingdon Town Council’s grounds team, which includes a recreation of the moon landing, a Lancaster bomber and a tank.

Town clerk Philip Peacock said: “We could have gone for the anniversary of a battle but try not to go for the obvious ones.”

The council also has displays marking the 125th anniversary of Huntingdonshire Football Association and the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale.