'We need to reach out' says community radio station

HCR station manager and director, Bill Hensley.

HCR station manager and director, Bill Hensley, says it's time for some changes. - Credit: BEN HENSLEY

The word ’community’ in our name is an important one. It signifies more than just a radio station that broadcasts to the people of Huntingdon and its towns and villages - and now also a wider Cambridgeshire audience since we began broadcasting on DAB radio.

It also points to what we should do for all sections of the community, whatever ethnic origin, special needs people might have, whatever religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender or age they are.

We strive to be inclusive, of course, but sometimes we’ve fallen short. What organisation hasn’t? It can be difficult to involve everyone from the diverse characteristics of any community. People have so much else going on in their lives, other things seem more important and often, there’s simply not enough time for involvement.

In recognition of this really important matter, we have formed a Community Advisory Group. We are pleased that two members of the community, previously unconnected to HCR and two existing members of the HCR ‘family’ will shortly be advising, promoting and ‘testing’ decisions we make as an organisation in respect of diversity and inclusion.

This new group will actively involve itself in all we do - and think of new and fresh ways to involve everyone, reaching out to those we might not have talked to in the past.

We are excited about this new way forward and hope this will lead to an improved involvement in our community. There’s room for another member of the group - if you want more details, please email me at: bill.hensley@hcrfm.co.uk.

Finally for this month, sometimes a radio station has to look at its schedule and refresh its output and we are constantly looking at ways to do this.

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We therefore say goodbye to our Sunday afternoon MyTunes show where presenters were given a free rein to play the music genre of their choice. The show ran for almost seven years and the music covered has been eclectic to say the least!

The final edition of the show will air at 11pm on Friday, June 18. This will free up some space on the schedule and whilst we’re not giving anything away, a new show will soon be announced covering a popular genre of music that no longer is given its own dedicated slot on national radio. Watch this space!