Police issue warning following purse thefts in Huntingdon

Police have issued a warning following the thefts.

Police have issued a warning following the thefts. - Credit: Archant

Officers have said that they dealt with around 20 incidents since the start of the year.

Police are warning elderly people to be vigilant after the number of purse thefts in Huntingdon town centre has increased.

The warning comes after police officers in Huntingdon have said that they have had more than 20 incidents of purse and wallet thefts reported since the start of the year.

Officers are advising people in the area to be careful when carrying their purse or wallet and to make sure that they don't carry large amounts of cash around with them.

PC Harvey Noble said: "We are wanting to prevent these incidents from happening by advising people what they can do to stay safe."

Officers are now stepping up patrols in the town centre and are people to report incidents to the police.

They have also issued a list of tips on how to be safe:

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- Don't carry large amounts of cash - use your bank to keep your money safe.

- If you are withdrawing money from a cash machine do not tell anyone your pin.

- Make sure you don't write down your pin.

- Carry your bag close to your body

- Always keep your wallet or purse close to your pocket and keep your hands on it

- Never leave your bag unattended

- Wheelchair users should keep bags and purses by their side

- Make sure that crimes are reported

Officers will also be visiting care homes and community centres to hand out cables and bells for people to put on their purses and bags.

They are also offering these to members of the public, to get one visit the Huntingdon Police station.

You can report all incidents to 101 but if it is an emergency dial 999.