Huntingdon photographer helps Wood Green’s long-term residents find a home

FOR some age is not on their side, for others, its their looks that are putting people off and there are also those simply too exotic for your average pet owner.

But many of Wood Green Animal Shelter’s long-term residents are undergoing a PR make-over thanks to freelance photographer Colin Bennett.

The 51-year-old has been providing still and video imagery for Wood Green’s Facebook page and website free of charge since August in a bid to help some of the Godmanchester shelter’s long-standing tenants find a home.

Colin, a former photographer with the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, said he was moved to help after getting his own cat Jack from the centre.

“It is brilliant what they do there. You see these cats go back into their little pens and it’s heartbreaking.

“People really pick animals based on their looks – one of the dogs there doesn’t get taken because he has got really bulgy eyes. The kittens get taken, but people won’t take the cats that are five or six years old. Wood Green want me to get some nice ‘Ahhhh’ type pictures.”

And though the general rule is never work with animals or children, Colin, of Stukeley Meadows, says he is enjoying the challenge. Colin’s work with Wood Green can be seen on his website,, and on his and Wood Green’s Facebook pages.