Another day, another parking fine: - this time for woman, aged 76, who was visiting her sick husband in Huntingdon care home

Elderly woman visiting sick husband in Huntingdon care home is given parking ticket

Elderly woman visiting sick husband in Huntingdon care home is given parking ticket - Credit: Archant

An elderly woman had a £60 parking fine while she was visiting her sick husband in a Huntingdon care home.

Sandra Levy, 76, parked at the Cromwell House Nursing Home, in High Street, for less than two hours to see husband Peter, 81, on March 11.

She was shocked when she got a parking fine in the post three weeks later informing her that she would have to pay £60 within 14 days or the amount would increase to £100.

The car park is operated by parking firm Civil Enforcement Ltd and visitors must enter their registration upon entering the home.

But Mrs Levy says as it was one of her first visits to the home – after Peter was moved there just five days earlier – she was unaware of procedures.

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“I was totally stressed out as my husband had gone downhill with his condition very quick,” she explained.

“When I got the parking ticket I just couldn’t understand it so I appealed it.

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“I spoke to the care home straight away and they explained there was a parking firm that operated there and I should have entered my registration.

“The last thing on my mind was something like that happening when my husband was sick and I needed to be with him.

“I understand why there is parking enforcement there – because lots of people park there to go to the supermarket.

“But I was legitimately visiting someone and Civil Enforcement still dismissed my appeal.”

Mrs Levy, from Fenstanton, says her brother paid the fine in fear of the amount rising.

However, Cromwell House Nursing Home has said it is in the process of trying to get it revoked.

A spokesperson for the home said: “The parking company that operates here is nothing to do with us, but we were aware of Mrs Levy’s situation.

“We were in the process of trying to revoke the ticket but Mrs Levy should have told us as soon as she had it for us to try and get it removed.”

In appeal correspondence Civil Enforcement Ltd said the fine was “correctly issued as the car wasn’t registered to be exempt from parking restrictions”.

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