Behind the scenes look as patients receive Covid vaccine in Hunts

Oak Tree Medical Centre in Huntingdon

Pamela Payne - Credit: Archant

The Hunts Post was invited along to witness patients at a Huntingdon medical centre receiving their Covid-19 vaccinations.  

At the Oak Tree Medical Centre on Tuesday, people aged between 70 and 80 years old and the clinically extremely vulnerable were invited to the centre for their vaccination.  

Most people said they were relieved to have received their vaccination and expressed the social activities that they were missing.

Pamela Payne, 76 years-old from Huntingdon, said she felt great after receiving her vaccination: “I think it was great to receive my vaccination today, it didn’t hurt at all and I was very much looking forward to receiving it.” 

Pamela expressed how difficult it has been in lockdown and the activities she had missed.

“We used to go to swimming, badminton and tenpin bowling and  we really miss doing those,”   

Kenneth Payne receiving his vaccine 

Kenneth Payne receiving his vaccine - Credit: Archant

Pamela has been married for 56 years to her husband Kenneth , who is 77 and has COPD. Kenneth said he felt safer after having the vaccine.

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"I am looking forward to coming back in April for the second vaccination.” 

Pauline Lidderdable, 72-years-old from Great Stukeley, also came along for her vaccination and she said: “I feel great, it’s nice to get out of the house, everything feels a little bit like groundhog day at the moment especially in lockdown, you can have the feeling of being trapped at times. 

“I feel though everyone is in the same boat so you don’t feel like your missing out because nothing is really happening. 

“I think it is the way it will break the chain of this virus with the vaccine.” 

Jeffrey Weller receiving his vaccine

Jeffrey Weller receiving his vaccine - Credit: Archant

Jeffrey Weller, 76 years-old from Godmanchester said: “I feel much safer after receiving my vaccination and I feel very fortunate to not have contracted the virus.  

“I felt a little anxious about coming here today, as I didn’t know what it was going to be like here and how we were going to be organised to have our jabs.  

“I have been at home all the time, usually I would be looking forward to doing some spring gardening coming up to this time of year, I have a piece of land where I like growing vegetables.”