Huntingdon mayor Karl Webb writes for The Hunts Post

Huntingdon mayor, Cllr Karl Webb writes for The Hunts Post. 

Huntingdon mayor, Cllr Karl Webb writes for The Hunts Post. - Credit: KARL WEBB

One of my roles as mayor of Huntingdon is to promote our town and support the community. To be asked to write a regular column in the Hunts Post provides me with an opportunity to highlight our local businesses and organisations, update you with news of local events taking place in the town, and to talk about the amazing people I meet when I am out and about. 

I do not intend to use this column to discuss the business of the town council, we have official channels to inform our residents of our responsibilities, meetings, and activities; but as mayor, I am lucky to meet and work with so many people around the town, and this gives me a view of local events and projects that I would like to promote.

Huntingdon mayor, Cllr Karl Webb

Huntingdon mayor, Cllr Karl Webb - Credit: KARL WEBB

Unless otherwise stated, my comments will be personal and not those of the town council, but I will let you know of events and plans involving the town council if, and when, appropriate. 

Sadly, as we have been in lockdown since Boxing Day, there has not been any community events taking place in the town, but there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes. I have been incredibly pleased to support Huntingdonshire District Council’s Think Local Campaign, it is important that we support our local shops, markets, and services where we can; a follow-on initiative to support local business will be announced soon. 

I would like to congratulate the founders of the newly opened The Pantry in All Saint’s Passage; Lianne Simpson and Charlotte Heritage’s shop provides low-cost food, especially to low-income families. This is an amazing initiative and one that will help so many in the community. 

Another recently opened business is‘Mrs P’s Crafty Tea Room down at the Riverside Park; I enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate and a slice of cake during a walk on a chilly Saturday morning. Due to the flooding at the Riverside Park, it is advisable to check Mrs P’ Facebook page for her opening times. 

For now, please stay safe, look after each other, especially those who are isolating or living alone. We have a fantastic community spirit here in Huntingdon, thank you everyone.