Huntingdon Mayor Bill Hensley got the chop at a Hartford hair and beauty salon on Monday (February 24).

To celebrate the rebranding of Salon de Belleza, Cllr Hensley had his hair trimmed and collected a £50 donation for his charities. He also had a tour of the revamped hairdressers - formerly known as Streets Ahead - which now includes a nail bar, beauty rooms, sun bed and spray tanning facilities.

Debbie Marsden, marketing director, said: "It was very interesting and really nice that he came down because we are brand new - it's lovely to have that kind of support. It's good that he supports local businesses in that way and it's encouraging to know that we got somebody like that on hand."

Cllr Hensley said: "It's great - this is a new business and it looks like they are going to really thrive and I wanted to support them.

"My hair is quite short anyway but I have gone for a number one - a real skinhead in old terms."