The mayor of Huntingdon has called for more options for people to move into the town centre to help convince businesses to invest in improving the night life.

Councillor Bill Hensley is hoping that, following the progress made by developer's Churchmanor on Chequers Court, there may be options for flats above the shops and business housed on the new development.

He said: "There are other town centres that have been getting people to move in above shops and that is what I'd look to see.

"I would want flats above the shops and having people living in the town then there would be more reason for night life."

The proposal by Cllr Hensley isn't confined to Chequers Court; he would like to see other shops with empty stock rooms give developers the opportunity to transform them into accommodation.

Following the introduction of more alfresco dining throughout High Street, Cllr Hensley had hoped to promote the town to more potential leisure venues.

"I am disappointed in my three years as mayor that I have not been able to reinvigorate Huntingdon town centre," he said.

"But having people living in the town centre there would be reasons for more night life including restaurants, one or two wine bars.

"It is a good idea for people to move in above these shops but the nightlife would obviously have to be managed very, very fairly," added Cllr Hensley.