Huntingdon mayor Councillor Bill Hensley has told The Hunts Post he will not put himself forward for another term.

The mayor of Huntingdon, Councillor Bill Hensley, has revealed to The Hunts Post that he will not put himself forward for another term in office.

Cllr Hensley is expected to stand down later this year after raising almost £50,000 for charities throughout his three years as mayor of the town.

Cllr Hensley said: “I won’t be putting myself forward again, I have done three years and raised £50,000 which is about 20 times more than any mayor in the past has raised.

“I think I have done my bit for the town – I think being mayor three times is enough.”

The veteran councillor says he has enjoyed a positive three years since his first election, in 2012, but insists it is now time to focus on other ventures.

He said: “I will be concentrating more on the radio station as we have been given a further five-year license – ideally I’d like to take that to be a lot more successful than it already is.”

However, Cllr Hensley says that if no other member of the council puts themselves forward to don the mayoral robes, he may reconsider his decision.

Cllr Hensley said: “I will only take up the mayoral position again if I am press ganged into it after every other member is given the opportunity to take it on.”

But if he does step down as mayoral, Cllr Hensley will not be leaving the council entirely, as he still has three years left of his four-year term as a member of Huntingdon Town Council.

The new mayor of Huntingdon will be announced in May.