Four men, including one from Huntingdon, who were found in a car with balaclavas and tools including screwdrivers and pliers have been found guilty of going equipped for theft.

The homemade balaclava found in the carThe homemade balaclava found in the car

Steven Smith, 24, of Kent Road, Huntingdon, Charlie Curtis, 21, of Daniels Close, Willingham, and his brother Mark Curtis, 28, of Belsars Close, Willingham, Alfred Smith, 26, of Wellington Close, Old Hurst, were convicted yesterday (Thursday) following a trial at Peterborough Crown Court.

They were arrested after officers were alerted to a car being driven around residential streets suspiciously in Cambridge.

The vehicle was stopped in Carisbrooke Road and the men were found inside, along with equipment hidden in the foot wells. The equipment also included a drill and as well as the balaclavas, there was dark clothing including caps and scarves.

In interview all the men refused to comment and could not account for why they were in the car with the equipment.

They will be sentenced on July 5.

PC Andy Smith said: "It was fairly clear these defendants were up to no good when they were spotted driving slowly around residential streets in the early hours of the morning.

"The equipment they were found with is typical of the kind of items used to illegally enter people's homes and if they had gone unchallenged they would likely have committed a more serious offence.

"Thankfully, because this vehicle was spotted acting suspiciously by officers, we were able to arrest and charge the offenders. I would urge anyone who spots something suspicious like this to contact us on 101 or 999, if it is an emergency, and help us to prevent crime."