Huntingdon man sentenced after ‘nasty attack’ on women as pub lockdown restrictions lifted

Huntingdon man sentenced after attacking two women. Picture: Harry Rutter/Archant

Huntingdon man sentenced after attacking two women. Picture: Harry Rutter/Archant - Credit: Harry Rutter/Archant

A Huntingdon man who bottled a woman and headbutted another on the night pubs re-opened after the Covid-19 lockdown has been sentenced.

Michael Locker, 31, of Grammar School Walk, went out drinking with friends in the town on July 4.

The first attack took place on the high street when Locker left a bar with a woman in the early hours of the following morning.

A different woman who Locker didn’t know tried to speak to him after he argued with her friend, but Locker responded by hitting her on the side of the forehead while holding a glass bottle.

The woman stayed on her feet and managed to walk away. The attack left her with a large lump to the right-hand side of her head.

Locker and the woman he was with walked back towards the town centre, possibly intending to go home, but Locker stopped to talk to another woman who asked him why he attacked her friend.

Locker then headbutted the woman and remained holding two glass bottles.

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Locker and his friend then walked home, where officers arrested him 20 minutes later.

He was subsequently charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH), assault by beating and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

In police interview Locker answered “no comment” to all questions asked of him. However, he later pleaded guilty to all three charges.

DC Andrea Farnes, who investigated, said: “This was a nasty attack on two women who were simply out to enjoy themselves after months of Covid-19 restrictions.

“Locker’s behaviour was unacceptable and no-one deserves to be assaulted in this way. Locker had no right to threaten people or use a glass bottle as a weapon.”

On Thursday (September 24) at Cambridge Crown Court, Locker was sentenced to ten months in prison suspended for 24 months. He was also ordered to carry out 50 hours of unpaid work.