Huntingdon Gymnastics Club is aiming high with a new challenge to raise money for the Nepal Earthquake Disaster Appeal.

The fundraiser will be completed by 12 members of the elite boys section who will spend the next few weeks climbing a 5-metre rope 1,770 times to achieve the height of Mount Everest – 8,848 metres.

The idea for the stunt came from elite squad member Tony Duchars, 17, who saw an opportunity for his teammates to increase their strength as well as raise money for a deserving cause.

Paul Hall, Huntingdon head coach, said: “This is a great idea that will allow our gymnasts to show support to those that have lost so much through this disaster.

“The boys are very competitive, with one gymnast, Ali Hussein, completing 100 rope climbs in a week – an amazing achievement.”

The climb is in partnership with the Rotary Club of Huntingdon which has already initiated an appeal for the Nepal earthquake victims.

INFORMATION: Anyone wishing to donate should go to