Huntingdon double-record breaker finishes round-the-world trip

At Mount Cook, in New Zealand,

At Mount Cook, in New Zealand, - Credit: Archant

With two world records, 56,500 miles and 71 countries over six continents Huntingdon born Rhys Lawrey has become the youngest person to go around the world on a motorbike.

The 24-year-old is now back home “trying to back to normal” after enjoying a 15 month adventure with his trusty Triumph Tiger 800XC.

Rhys has also managed to pick up the world record for visiting the most capital cities on one continuous trip after visiting 51 capitals.

He said: “I planned to do the world records before I started so I got the statistics from the Guinness Book of Records and then took a year to plan the trip.”

The former bartender, whose dad is globe-trotting record holder Kevin Sanders decided to circumnavigate the globe after the pair started to plan a small trip.

“I said to my dad why don’t I just continue round the world and get some records as well.”

During his adventure Rhys rode across Europe, through central Asia into China, then into South East Asia, down to Australia and New Zealand before crossing the Pacific Ocean into America and finally through Africa and the capital cities of Europe, finishing in London.

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With many highlights from the trip, Rhys found it hard to pick a memorable moment but describes China as one of the stand out places he visited.

He said: “It was one of my favourite places because it was everything I imagined, it is nothing to do with the West, most of it feels alien as it is a different culture.”

However China wasn’t plain sailing for Rhys as he had a car collision - which he settled by offering to pay 100 yuan to the driver.

“A bus was coming to my left side and didn’t see me so I tried to get over and ended up scratching the guy’s car but he was more interested in my bike.” The adventure almost came to an end in Turkmenistan when Rhys’s bike fell on him during a trip through the dessert.

“I came off in sand and my bike fell on top of me so I was trapped, luckily I was with a group at that time so managed to get back up and the adrenaline kicked in.”

As a part of his trip Rhys decided to raise money for the Prince’s Trust - in total he managed to raise £2,500.

“I chose the Princes Trust because they try to get young people job and helping young people and I want to get more young people into motor cycling so I thought they were a good cause.

Now Rhys is back at home he is going to be helping out at the bar he used to work at and by joining the team at his family company Globebusters, which organises travel.

“I know have to start paying off the credit cards but I’m hoping to do another trip and get more young people into motor cycling.”