Huntingdon couple call on council after car crashes into home

Car crashes into wall in Huntingdon

Car crashes into wall in Huntingdon - Credit: Archant

The owners of a wall damaged by a car are calling for action to protect their home.

Robin and Marnie Sudlow, of The Walks East near the junction with St Mary’s Street and the Huntingdon ring road, want Cambridgeshire County Council to install chevrons to warn ­drivers about the sharp bend.

They also want a safety barrier at the edge of the pavement following the ­accident on Friday morning.

The couple were woken at about 6.40am to a “loud bang” and found a Peugeot 307 embedded in the garden wall at the side of their house.

Two people were in the car but no-one was injured. Police were called and cordoned off the area before temporary barriers were put up.

Mr and Mrs Sudlow, who have lived at the house for 25 years, said it was the second time a car had crashed into their wall. After the last incident in 2005, they said they asked the council to put up signs, but nothing was done.

Mr Sudlow told The Hunts Post: “It was just a loud bang – it wasn’t something that instilled panic in us. Nobody was killed and nobody was injured – after that it is just an annoyance that they have done nothing about an area of safety that’s been identified.

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“It is a hairpin bend and I have asked for chevrons, sharp bend warning signs and I have also asked for some form of barrier around the edge of the pavement but every time it has been a no.

“There are always young families living in this area. Quite apart from those two incidents, cars have lost control, crossed the pavement and nearly collided with other walls – it is a hazardous bend.”

He said he had previously asked CCC if it would consider installing a speed camera near the bend but was told it did not meet the requirements in terms of the number of serious accidents.

A CCC spokesman said: “There have been no injury accidents at the junction in at least the last five years.

“There have not been many accidents at all – it is not considered to be an accident cluster site.

“Because of the narrow footpath it is not possible to put in crash barriers as this would not leave sufficient room for wheelchair users or buggies.”

District councillor Tom Sanderson said that he plans to take up the issue with CCC on behalf of the Sudlows.

Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.