Huntingdon County Primary School photos - Can you help?

FORMER Huntingdon County Primary School teacher Alan Butler is appealing for anyone who might know the remaining mystery names in a series of photos.

Mr Butler, 68, of Hartford has spent ten years organising hundreds of pictures of class life at Huntingdon County Primary School since the 1940s.

He found the collection in a dusty corner of the school just before his retirement from full-time teaching in 2000, and now needs a helping hand filling in the blanks.

He said: “Most of the photos were loose. I have got five albums in near as chronological order as I can get, but it has not been easy finding that many names.”

The school opened in 1947 with 327 children. It was located in Ambury Road, but was closed in July 26 1963, and re-opened as two separate sites - junior and infants.

The two sites merged again in 2009 to become Huntingdon Primary School. Mr Butler served as a full-time teacher at the school from 1972 to 2000, and was there as a pupil until 1955. If anyone can help with identifying the missing names contact Mr Butler on 01480 52529 or e-mail