Hunts Post Columnist: Bill Hensley on Huntingdon Community Radio

Bill Hensley is the managing director of Huntingdon Community Radio.

Bill Hensley is the managing director of Huntingdon Community Radio. - Credit: HCR

At last we can return to our community presence after the months of pandemic lockdowns.

Our Wednesday Over to You presenter Norman Knapper, spent the day at IWM Duxford on September 18. He interviewed John Lilley who, along with his team, are restoring a Mosquito aircraft to flying condition.

On the day, the flying display was excellent and it was a thrilling experience. You can hear Norman’s interview with John on our Listen Again facility on our website at:

We will also have a presence at the Huntingdon Christmas Market event, from November 19-21. We would love to meet you there to get into the festive spirit. 

These days even very young children seem glued to smart devices and maybe just a few minutes listening to a story is just what is needed. We have a vibrant Children’s Bedtime Story series with a dedicated band of authors and their work is aired Monday - Friday at 7pm.  

Monday features The Dinosaurs of Dino Dell and alternately, Freddie the Fire Engine written by Alice Goulding. Freddie gets involved with all the fire officers at the fire station. Born in Edinburgh, Alice started writing in 2013, transporting herself to imaginary worlds where there are always happy endings. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and belongs to two writing groups. The Needingworth Scribblers recently published in their Anthology, Twisted Tales with Alice as one of the editors.

On Wednesdays there’s Jaffa the Little Orange Dog written by Jacqui Richmond.  Each episode is a true story from Jaffa’s life with his human parents and family including Louis the Irish Wolfhound. Jacqui’s first book Patrick’s Journey, Living with Dementia relates her experience of four years living and learning about Dementia. Jaffa the Orange Dog is the second book that she wrote for her grandchildren. 

 Thursday now alternates between Dorothea and Johnny, written by Jon Mountford.  Dorothea has magic jeans and whenever she puts them on she can talk to machines, with whom she constantly teases! Johnny is accident prone and although good hearted, he is always getting into trouble wherever he goes! Jon was born in St Neots and is currently chairman of Gamlingay Players.

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 Next month, we look at our plans for Christmas broadcasting and tell you how you can record a Christmas message! Until then, as always, thank you for listening.