Huntingdon charity seeks CEO to replace clark

HUNTINGDON Freemen’s Trust, the endowment charity that provides financial support and benefits for residents of the town, is looking for a new chief executive to replace its retiring clerk, David Kerr.

The change of title reflects the change in responsibilities over the seven year Mr Kerr has been clerk, he told The Hunts Post.

The trust, which became a charity in 1993 by order of a High Court judge, who ruled that assets accrued by the Freemen over the previous eight centuries properly belonged collectively to the people of Huntingdon, has five part-time staff.

The trustees control a large portfolio of investments in financial markets, an estate of agricultural land and the recently-purchased office building on Huntingdon High Street in which the trust is based, with a total value of over �12 million.

They also distribute many grants to local residents for purposes ranging across “relief in need”, education from nursery to university level, recreation and leisure; plus some large grants –up to �125,000 – to local organisations, which satisfy the same needs.

Annual turnover is around �350,000.

The new chief executive will advise the trustees on policy, management and strategy and lead our staff to ensure effective delivery of our services. He or she will be responsible for the management and administration of the trust’s constitutional, legal and regulatory obligations.

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“We are hoping to attract someone with significant management experience, who has previously supported directors or trustees and worked with professional advisers, such as accountants, solicitors and land agents,” the trustees said.

“We think that the role may suit a senior executive looking to move to a part time role who still wants to contribute at senior level.”

INFORMATION: further details on the Trust’s web site at