Staff from the Olmo Lounge in Huntingdon have raised nearly £1,000 for Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s charity, Dreamdrops.

The Olmo Lounge is a new neighbourhood café bar on Huntingdon High Street, which is committed to engaging with the local community and as part of this they wanted to connect with a charity.

Kylie Knipp, general manager, said: “We wanted to raise money for a local charity and were keen to support Dreamdrops, who are such a worthy children’s charity.

“We raised the money by donating 50p from every burger and 10p from every coffee sold in the first month of trading. We had a great first month selling 2,576 coffees and 1,367 burgers. We hope the money raised will benefit the charity and look forward to working with the charity in the future.”

Anne-Marie Hamilton, chairman of Dreamdrops said: “We are so grateful to everyone at the Olmo Lounge, in particular Kylie, for raising such a large amount of money for our charity. We are thrilled that they chose dreamdrops and the money will be used to help support children and their families in the local community.”

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