Huntingdon business is first in UK to supply American craft beer

Owners of 'Beer Bruvs' Paul and Rich. 

Owners of 'Beer Bruvs' Paul Kirby and Rich. - Credit: Paul Kirkby

A new beer business has been launched in Huntingdon and the company say they are the only suppliers of American craft beer in the UK.  

Rich Todd and Paul Kirby launched Beer Bruvs in late 2020 after coming up with an idea to import craft beer during the first coronavirus lockdown.  

Beer brands stored at Huntingdon 

Beer brands stored at Huntingdon - Credit: Paul Kirby

Rich said: “A few beers deep, a few conversations and we decided we wanted to enter the craft beer scene and do something a little bit different.  

“We reached out to a number of Breweries in the USA to see whether they would be interested in selling their beers in the UK.and their response left us in no doubt it was something we should do and bring a wide range of lesser known in the U.K. breweries over the pond. 

“It’s been a great five months since we launched and we want to thank all of you for the support you’ve given us so far which has proved our decision to do this to be a correct one.  

“We distribute all around the U.K. using a next day courier but also deliver free locally in Huntingdon and St Ives areas for customers which we supply them a code with.” 

To find out more visit their website at: