Huntingdon and St Ives prepare for Olympic Torch arrival

THE people of Huntingdon are being urged to spread Gold Fever ahead of the Olympic Torch’s arrival.

With details of the torch’s official route finally released, Huntingdon Town Council is planning a morning of events to celebrate.

Claire Tunnicliffe, deputy town clerk, told The Hunts Post the council would decorate the route and she encouraged members of the public to get in the spirit by dressing up in gold clothes or wearing gold face paint.

She said: “It’s in the early planning stages but we’re hoping to get as many people out as possible. The London organising committee wants people to line the route with gold and we want to help spread Gold Fever.”

The town’s flower beds will be redesigned to honour the Olympics, with a gymnast at the Hartford Garden of Rest and the 2012 logo at Bridge End, Riverside.

The events will centre on the Market Square and High Street and it is believed there will be a series of breakfast clubs, to reflect the early morning arrival of the torch. Groups and organisations will be able to put up stands in the square or perform demonstrations for visitors.

Miss Tunnicliffe added: “We have written to all the town’s sports organisations and to the community groups, asking what they are doing and if there is anything they would like us to do. We have also asked for their help and support in making sure we get as many people on the streets as we can.”

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Huntingdon Gymnastics Club, based in Huntingdon’s Olympic Gym, are also planning a weekend of events, including a glitzy awards ceremony the night before the torch’s arrival and a family event on the day.

AN Olympic breakfast will kick off St Ives’s celebrations before the torch passes through the town centre.

The town council and St Ives Town Initiative will be holding the Olympic-themed breakfast in the Corn Exchange throughout the morning.

After the torch passes through, sports teams will kit up for a parade on the same route, and the council is organising an event afterwards that will allow people to try out different sports.

A council spokesman said: “It’s going to be a great spectacle for the town, and we’re hoping that as many people from the town will take part. We’re going to monitor the torch as it goes to other towns on Sunday mornings to see how many people turn up – it could be 5,000, it could be 50,000.”

Jane Bowd, town centre manager, added: “We’re hoping for as many shops to be open early as possible because it’s a great opportunity for businesses.”

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