A new community woodland area has been set up on land in St Neots.

Christine Green, Town Councillor in St Neots                                                      PICTURE: Christine GreenChristine Green, Town Councillor in St Neots PICTURE: Christine Green

Land at the Eynesbury end of the Willow Bridge and at The Pightle nature reserve in Eaton Socon, are the locations where more than 500 young trees are now taking root.

Species include Hazel, Hawthorn, Oak, Birch, Crab Apple, Goat Willow, Holly, Rowan and Field Maple were planted by a six-person group rota.

These included Guides, church youth groups, WI members, The Pightle volunteers, St Neots Grow Wild group, Switch Now and the Climate Emergency Working Group.

St Neots town councillor Christine Green, who helped organise the event and belongs to the Climate Emergency Working Group, said: “In addition to helping offset the town council’s carbon footprint, the trees will provide a wonderful community amenity for future generations.”

“We are grateful for the town council’s support by allowing us to plant on their land by the bridge in Eynesbury, and to the Woodland Trust for the free trees.

“We are also pleased to have enabled The Pightle to add nearly 300 more trees on the reserve, including a new hedge and copse.”

The Willow Bridge site, when more established, will be part of a Forest School run by Grow Wild St Neots.

This will involve nature activities, a mud kitchen and woodland crafts in a specially created clearing.

The group’s Sarah Copeland said: “We’re thrilled to be involved in planting hundreds of native trees in our town, and hope many more local people will want to get involved to make plans for our future.

“We are a non-profit community group passionate about making St Neots a greener town.

“Our vision is to create beautiful places where wildlife, sustainable food production and environmental education go hand in hand.”

Information boards will be placed around the boundary of the Eynesbury woodland, where it is hoped all those who already enjoy the space for leisure purposes will help protect the young trees.

If you would like to become a ‘tree guardian’ to help monitor and care for some trees, call: 07757665099 or email: growwildstneots@gmail.com.